Back to Happy

By Connie T. Bowman

A journey of hope, healing and waking up

About the book

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When you’re facing your dark night of the soul, the concept of happiness can seem like a distant memory or a flat-out myth. But joy isn’t just a figment of our childhood imaginations; it is our birthright, often long forgotten after we have been socialized as responsible members of our communities.

After losing her first child, author Connie Bowman’s world was shattered. As she struggled along the road back to happiness, she learned valuable lessons that led her to experience peace again and taught her how to maintain equilibrium amid life’s perpetual chaos.

In the inspirational self-help guide Back to Happy, she shares not only her experience but also the stories of others who have overcome their own personal challenges. She also offers practical advice and helpful resources on how you, too, can make it safely from darkness into light.


What are people saying?

A quick read and Connie's writing is so honest, so pure, and so direct. Her journey of grief, acceptance and healing gives inspiration of not only how one can begin to heal but how one can journey forward. Everyone knows life goes on but the question always Back to Happy certainly explains that. This book is an angelic gift on the road to healing from any loss.
Connie has written a very thoughtful, well-written, encouraging and inspirational book. Though her circumstances are very personal, losing her young daughter, her experience and advice are relevant to anyone working through the grieving process or any kind of crisis in their lives. A helpful guide for all of us--giving hope that you really can go from darkness into the light.
A wonderful inspiring book clearly written from the heart. Highly recommended.

About the author

Photo of Connie

Connie Bowman aspires to a life of joy, bringing her caring, powerful presence to everything she touches. As a voiceover talent and on-camera host and actress, her down-to-earth sophistication is unmistakable, and her widely followed podcast Happy Healthy You! offers weekly advice and inspiration. With so many stories to share, Connie's first book Back to Happy, is another way she's spreading the word of hope, empowerment and strength.